About the artist behind DARK IMAGINARIUM

My name is Silviya Yordanova and I am a 26-year-old self-taught digital artist from a very small country called Bulgaria. I've always wanted to find a way to create beauty and letting the world know my story. This is where digital art came! I have been into it for a few years now, started in the early 2008. Since then I can honestly say that I believe I've found my own style - depicting the reality through a twist of imagination. My works are always a mixture of concept, emotion and a drop of darkness. Photo manipulation has since then become a very important part of me and since I started I've been trying to improve my skills as much as I can. At first it all started as a hobby but in time it became much more. I found that through it many doors of opportunities were opened for me when I was first contacted for a commission, then for another one and with time it became my own little business and I hope for all the best in the future. My passion lies in creating art, trying to make the world a better and beautiful place, in expressing myself through it. My dream is to keep doing what I love for a living and to have the chance to work with publishing companies all around the world.


My work has been featured in magazines all over the world - Advanced Photoshop(UK), Photoshop Creative(UK), Advanced Creation(France), Der Bildbearbeiter(Germany), Dark Beauty Magazine, Pagan Edge, MuseTouch etc. The most recent feature and a huge honor that my work received was when I was offered a feature in Aädenian Ink's artbook about contemporary gothic art called "Out of the Dark", which can be found and purchased from Amazon.com.


With over 4 years of professional experience working with publishing companies as well as with self-published authors, I know I can bring your ideas for the perfect cover art to life! Feel free to contact me via e-mail at morteque@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here.

Publishers I've worked with

Ibis Press (Bulgaria), Imagine Publishing (UK), Artalys Publishing (France), Britain's Next Bestseller (UK)