Juli Caldwell, author of "PSYCHED"

"Silviya is an incredible digital artist, extremely professional, friendly, and fantastic to work with. When I was with my publishing house I had very little say over cover art, so when I went indie I wanted to find the perfect cover. From the first time we made contact, I knew I wanted to work with her long term. She was concerned with tiny details I hadn't even noticed and made sure every part of the process was perfect. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

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Nadège Richards, author of "The Bleeding Heart trilogy", "5 Miles", "Asylum 54.0"

"The one question I hear all the time when it comes to my books is: “Who does your covers?” I’m never more excited than in that moment because then I get to scream Silviya’s name. I literally fangirl! I’ve been working with Silviya for a year now (almost two!) and she’s never failed me, or has given up on me. I’ll come up with these crazy ideas for covers, or banners, and she’ll stick with me the whole ten miles. It’s not just her affordability, but it’s her professionalism and dedication that’s made me want to keep her permanently. She’s absolutely amazing at what she does and I’ve enjoyed seeing her progress and excel, and become better at her trade. She’s self-taught! There’s nothing better than a self-motivated artist."

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Jamie McFarlane, author of "A Wizard in a Witchy World"

“Silviya Yordanova is a joy to work with. It takes a special talent to take a description given by an author who has only ever imagined a work and produce a meaningful work of art. Visually captivating. Intriguing. Mysterious. I want to know more. These are all phrases that I've heard when I've revealed Silviya's cover to my readers. In addition to this I'd add responsive, flexible and professional. I look forward to my next project with this fabulous designer.”

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David McCaffrey, author of "Nameless"

"When you look at Silviya's work, you see something unique, special and utterly individualised. Her body of work is breathtaking and her professionalism without compare. I provided her with the most complicated and specific of ideas; Silviya came back with a more practical and, as it happens, appropriate suggestion that perfectly capture the feel I was trying to capture for my next novel. She was understanding and accommodating with my desire to take elements from a previous designers work and incorporate into something of her own which not only demonstrates her unique talent, but also works for the story I am trying to tell. I cannot recommend her enough - patient, understanding and above all, a perfectionist, Silviya Yordanova is the only person you should have creating your book covers from now on and it is my pleasure to have worked with her...and will again without a doubt!"

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Nicole Storey, author of "Grimsley Hollow" and "The Celadon Circle" series

"I was a fan of Silviya’s work long before she ever designed a cover for me. I discovered her through author Scott Cramer. Her stunning cover art on the books in his Toucan Trilogy were intense, yet magical. I came to her in a difficult situation, having lost $600.00 worth of cover art. I was devastated and had no idea how I was going to replace four book covers. Silviya had designed a cover for me not long before this incident occurred and was more than willing to help me out. Silviya is a true artist. I believe she can read minds. She has a gift for knowing exactly what books need in order to bring them to life. It is an honor to have her designs on my novels. I’ll never use another designer for my work!"

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Ryan Mark, author of "Tremor" and "Fracture"

"Silviya is an amazing designer, who has an extremely dedicated and professional work ethic. All it takes is a quick glance at her previous work to know that she is someone with an astonishing talent. I came to her with a specific idea of how I wanted my cover to look, which she tackled with incredible gusto, offering her own ideas that fit perfectly into the project. The cover she created for me was for a sequel, and with this in mind, she produced something that you can tell is linked to the first book, but also holds it’s own special uniqueness. If you need a designer, I would highly recommend Silviya, without a shred of doubt. She won’t let you down!"

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Ian Little, author of "Luckbox"

"I found Silviya's site via another author's tweets. I liked the gallery of images on her website and decided to contact her about doing an ebook cover together. The finished cover for Luckbox is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I found Silviya friendly and easy to communicate with; she was very quick to get a handle on the kind of design I was looking for. Creating the cover was a smooth process; I would recommend Silviya to other ebook authors."

E-book and paperback available on Amazon.com

Tanja Kobasic, author of "Vanishing Twin", "Angels in Stone"

"A spirited and talented artist! After contacting countless book cover artists, (all over the world it seemed) all who claimed that creating conjoined twins was impossible; it was Silviya Yordanova who came through for us. Yes, it was a great challenge, one that Silviya undertook with professionalism and tact. When all other artists claimed that such a cover was impossible, Silviya proved them wrong."

E-book and paperback available on Amazon.com

Charles R. Wade, author of "When The Hunter Cries"

"Not only is her work utterly breath-taking, but her professionalism and enthusiasm are utterly without equal. When I first contacted her, she seemed every bit as enthused by the project as I was! Perhaps even more so, an observation that made the venture even more intriguing and rewarding. As stale and as sterile as e-mails can often be, that first exchange assured me that fate, and not mere chance, had indeed led me to this special individual...her genuine interest and concern for my vision regarding the artwork was so refreshing and rare. An immediate rapport was established, and I would not even consider letting anyone else handle my next cover. I never had a concern, question, or issue that was not addressed within a half hour (I think she's a mind-reader in addition to being a spectacular artist). I love her work!"

E-book and paperback available soon on Amazon.com